4 Great Uses for Nursing “Skills Checklists”

Healthcare professionals face a unique and difficult challenge when measuring and conveying their skill sets. This is largely due to the vast array of skills that encompass a given healthcare specialty. Consider the difference between the skill sets of a general professional, like a sales professional, and a healthcare professional, like an ICU nurse. While I’m sure that the sales professional could develop a nice list of desirable skills, I’m positive that this list would in no way compare to the voluminous list of diagnostic, equipment, medication, procedural, age related, and condition related skills that the ICU nurse must maintain. Attempting to measure and track these skills or convey them to potential employers may seem futile for the healthcare professional. However, “Skills Checklists” can be useful tools for accomplishing these goals. Read more

Why Travel Nurses Should Control Their Travel Nursing Submission Profiles

As a travel nurse, gaining control over your Submission Profile is a great way to gain control over your travel nursing career. A Submission Profile is the set of documents that an agency is required to submit to a hospital in order for the agency’s candidate to be considered for an open job. The standard Submission Profile includes a resume, a job application, a skills checklist, and references. Hospitals will almost never accept a candidate for consideration without an up-to-date Submission Profile. Read more

Travel Nursing – How to get Your California RN License by Endorsement

California is a great place for travel nurses to be licensed. The state’s population is over 37 million and accounts for more than 10% of the nation’s total population. A large population means more hospitals and more potential travel nursing jobs. In addition, California has something for everyone. It’s got some of the greatest cities in the world, a swath of rural communities and quaint small towns, beaches, mountains, and even desserts. So, as a Registered Nurse, how do you obtain your California RN license by endorsement?

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List of Items to Include on Your Travel Nursing Resume

33 Items to Include on Your Travel Nursing Resume

Having an excellent travel nursing resume can be a big help in landing travel nursing jobs. While it’s true that travel nursing agencies commonly  require applications and skills checklists, providing them with a resume that includes all the details that hospitals commonly require can help recruiters get you submitted quicker for assignments you’re interested in. And in many cases, you’ll find recruiters that are willing to accept an excellent travel nursing resume in lieu of filling out their lengthy applications. Read more

What You Should Know about Testing for Travel Nursing Jobs

Typically, the first week of a travel nursing job is spent in orientation. This typically consists of completing paperwork, learning hospital policies and procedures, getting acclimated to the hospital and unit, and taking tests. Everything is easy enough with the exception of the tests. The tests can sometimes get travel nurses in trouble. This is why it’s highly recommended that you ask about the hospital’s testing policies during the interview. You see, some hospitals administer tests and offer remediation which allows the tests to be retaken. Other hospitals cancel the assignment if you fail. Read more

Travel Nursing Documentation : Compliance and Credentialing

Travel Nursing Documentation

As soon as a travel nurse accepts a travel nursing job offer, the travel nursing company will initiate the credentialing and compliance process if they haven’t already. Credentialing and compliance is one of the biggest burdens that companies and their travelers have to contend with. In this blog post, we’ll provide some background and offer some recommendations to ensure your documentation is acceptable. Read more

Managing Your Compliance Documents as a Travel Nurse

Travel nursing documentation is one of the biggest burdens that travel nurses have to contend with when landing a new travel nursing job. When I first started as a recruiter in 2006, it was standard to provide the facility with nothing more than copies of the nurse’s licenses, certifications, basic medical records, and a unit test. Now, every facility seems to have its own packet of facility specific documentation, testing, and orientation information that must be completed prior to starting a assignment. Read more