Travel Nursing Salary and Pay

Everything travel nurses need to know about travel nursing pay, including negotiating, evaluating, and comparing travel nursing pay packages, and tax free money. There are over 60 articles in this blog category!

Travel Nursing Pay Package Comparison Strategy: Part 1

Comparing travel nursing pay packages can be very difficult. There are many different variables involved and no two agencies quote pay packages the same way. Travel nurses need a strategy that helps them take control of the situation. So in this series of blog posts, we’ll provide you with a strategy to simplify the comparison of pay packages. Read more

Travel Nursing Pay – Dispelling the Myths

The multitude of variables involved with a travel nursing pay package make it pretty complicated and difficult to understand. In addition, there are several myths about pay packages that serve to further obfuscate the matter. In this blog post, we’ll look to clarify some of the confusion that these myths leave in their wake. Read more

Travel Nursing Pay – The Company’s Perspective: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we discussed the three basic variables that travel nursing companies pay attention to when determining the travel nursing pay rates for their jobs. To keep it simple, we defined these variables in very simple terms (Revenue, Cost, and Other Costs) rather than using the technical terms typically used in the business. Now let’s turn to discussing how agencies use them to determine their pay packages. Read more

Travel Nursing Pay – The Company’s Perspective: Part 1

Perhaps the most complex and least understood aspect of travel nursing is travel nursing pay. Most blog posts I’ve read don’t provide a completely accurate explanation of the pay package. Some of them do a good job of explaining the travel nurse’s side of the pay package, but nobody comes close to offering a full explanation of what’s happening on the agency’s side of the equation. Understanding the agency’s side of the equation is extremely important as it will help you see right through the sly sales pitches and advertising gimmicks. Read more