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The Ultimate List of Travel Nursing Agency Ratings

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It’s a great idea for travel nurses to review travel nursing agency ratings before deciding which companies to work with. But with so many rating services covering a relatively small industry, it can be difficult to discover the full picture. So in this article, we provide the ultimate shortcut. First, we provide links to 6 rating websites for each travel nursing company where available so you can conveniently check the ratings. Second, we provide the total number of reviews across all 6 platforms along with the average score for each company as of June 13th, 2017. This way, you can get a quick snapshot of how each company performed until that point. 

Travel Nursing Agency Ratings Used to Determine List of Top Companies

This list of travel nursing agency ratings was used to compile our list of the top travel nursing companies for 2017. In previous years, we ran articles comparing the lists of top companies compiled by Highway Hypodermics (HH) and Travel Nursing Central (TNC). In 2017, we decided to create a separate list of top companies. To do so, we aggregated the rating scores from 6 different rating websites for every travel nursing company we could find. Then, we ranked the companies according to their average scores. The 6 rating websites we used are as follows:

  1. Travel Nursing Central (Identified as TNC in the table heading)
  2. Highway Hypodermics (Identified as HH in the table heading)
  3. Travel Nursing Blogs (Identified as TNB in the table heading)
  4. Facebook (Identified as FB in the table heading)
  5. Indeed (Identified as IN in the table heading)
  6. GlassDoor (Identified as GD in the able heading)

Each of the six websites uses one of three scoring systems. TNC uses a 100 point system. HH uses a 20 point system for their travel nursing company evaluations. Travel Nursing Blogs, Facebook, Indeed and Glassdoor use the standard 5 star scoring system, or a 5 point system. Therefore, we had to choose one scoring system and convert the others to it. We chose the 100 point system.

Feedback from Travel Nurses and Agencies

We received a lot of great feedback when our article on the top travel nursing companies of 2017 was published. Both agencies and travelers requested to see the actual scores for each service and the calculations we made for the average score. Unfortunately, we’re not certain copyright laws would allow us to publicize a list of all the scores from every site.

We also received inquires from travelers who asked if we could publish a list of links to the ratings websites for each company. They wanted to conveniently check the ratings from one place by simply clicking the links. We thought that was a great idea! So, we compiled the list below using the list we created for the article listing the top companies.

We also included the total number of scores and average score for each company. Of course, the number of ratings on each site is constantly changing, so the figures on our list represent a single point in time. Specifically, our figures were collected during the second week of June, 2017. When all was said and done, we had compiled more than 28,000 ratings!

How To Use The List of Travel Nursing Agency Ratings

With all that in mind, we hope that both agencies and travelers will find this list useful.

For Travel Nursing Companies

Travel nursing companies can use the list in several ways. First, they can see how they scored on the list we used to determine the best companies of the year. They can also check their company’s links for each of the 6 rating websites to make sure we discovered the correct page on each site. Please let us know if you find an error and provide us with a correction if possible!

Agencies can also see how they scored relative to other agencies. They might be able to glean some insight into how their competitors are scoring across all platforms. This insight would certainly be helpful should an agency choose to make a concerted effort to increase their ratings. They might even work their way onto our list of best companies in future years!

For Travel Nurses

Travel nurses can use the list to conveniently check travel nursing agency ratings across the web. Without this list, you’d be stuck searching each of these websites to find a specific company’s page. This could take tons of time if you were researching multiple companies. Trust us, we did it for over 240 companies and it took forever!

Travel nurses can also use the average scores to get a quick snapshot of how each company was rated across all 6 platforms. The aggregated score offers a much larger sample size compared to any one platform on its own. In theory, this should provide a more accurate barometer for service expectations.

That said, we still highly recommend visiting the sites individually for two reasons. First, you’ll be able to read the reviews when available. These reviews can be very helpful in deciding whether or not the actual scores are indicative of services that are important to you. Second, the scores will undoubtedly change as time passes, so you’ll want to make sure you have an understanding of current performance before making your final decision.

About the Links to Travel Nursing Company Ratings

It’s important to note a few things about what to expect when using the links for each service.


The links for TNC should take you to the corresponding company’s specific review page on TNC. There, you should be able to see the rating scores along with written reviews where available.


All the links for Highway Hypodermics point to HH’s “Travel Company Evaluations” page. The page has a table with all the companies that have been rated through the service, their scores and questionnaire details. If there is a link on our list, then the corresponding company is on HH’s list. If there is not a link, then the company was not on HH’s list at the time we compiled our list.


The Facebook (FB) links point to the corresponding agency’s Facebook Page. The Facebook page will display a review summary if the company has the review feature enabled and has received at least one review. To be clear, Facebook allows Page Administrators to disable the review feature. Many companies have chosen to disable reviews on Facebook. However, we included a link to every company page we found on Facebook regardless of whether ratings were enabled or not.


The links for TNB point to the corresponding agency’s review page on TNB. These pages display the agency’s average rating along with written reviews when available. If there is a link on our list, then the company has a review page on TNB. If there is not a link on our list, then the company did not have a review page on TNB at the time we compiled the list.


The Indeed (IN) links point to the corresponding company’s page on Indeed. These pages display the company’s average rating along with written reviews when available. We included links for all company pages we could find on Indeed whether or not the company had any ratings to display.


The GlassDoor links (GD) point to the corresponding company’s page on GlassDoor. These pages include a host of information including the company’s average rating score and written reviews when available. We included a link for all company pages we could find on GlassDoor whether or not the company had any ratings to display.

Keeping the List of Travel Nursing Company Ratings Updated

As mentioned above, the travel nursing agency ratings on each of the 6 rating websites are updated frequently. As a result, we encourage you to follow the links for companies you’re interested in to make sure you get the most recent information. We will update the total number of reviews and the average score annually in conjunction with our annual article on the best travel nursing companies of the year. It was last updated on 6/13/2017.

It’s also important to remember that both the internet and companies are in constant flux. If the links for these web pages change, then you may get directed to a “404 page” or even the wrong page. Please let us know and we’ll replace the links with their updated version when possible.

Additionally, companies will go out of business, get bought, and start anew. Please let us know if you notice a change with a company and we’ll update the list. If you want to add a new company to the list, then please provide the company’s name, website, and at least one source for ratings and we’ll get them added!

Travel Nursing Job Search Tools
Please note that this is a “responsive” table. When viewing it on a mobile device, you can slide to scroll from side to side if the table is cutoff.
Travel Nursing Agency Ratings – June, 2017
24 Hour Medical StaffingTNCFBINGD1283.083
AB StaffingTNCHHFBGD12576.32
Adex Medical StaffingTNCHHFBINGD3177.548
Advance MedTNCHHFBIN1382.462
Advance Medical StaffingTNCFBINGD1883.889
Advanced Travel Nursing (Formerly Advanced Surgical)TNCHHFBTNBGD6484.534
Advantage Nursing Services (website unknown)HH497.5
Advantage RNTNCHHFBTNBINGD21577.149
Agostini (Now Per Diem Staffing Systems)TNCFB1140.036
AHS PharmastatTNCFBIN2487.458
Alegiant HealthcareTNCFB2797.333
Alignment Medical Solutions (Now Voayage Health)TNC144
All About Staffing (Defunct)TNC855.9
All Health Staffing (Defunct)TNC379.8
Alliant Medical Staffing (Defunct)TNCHHTNB672.233
Altres MedicalTNCHHFBIN1967.389
American Mobile Healthcare Combined w AMNTNCHHFBTNBINGD51555.122
American Nursing Services (Defunct)HH285
American TravelerTNCHHFBTNBINGD32382.576
AMN (combined with American Mobile Above)TNC555.2
Anders Group TNCFBTNBGD369
Anderson and Bates  (Same as AB Staffing, Combined)TNC1163.7
Ardor Health SolutionsFBINGD13672.074
ATC Healthcare ServicesHHFBINGD5170.51
Atlas HealthcareTNCINGD3060.467
Atlas MedStaffTNCHHFBTNBINGD15692.067
Axis Medical StaffingTNCFBINGD12393.309
Aya HealthcareTNCHHFBTNBINGD32078.043
BalancePoint StaffingTNCFB1099.58
Banner Staffing ServicesHH190
Barton & AssociatesTNCFBINGD34763.481
Bestaff Arcadia (AKA USA Staffing Services)HHINGD 6 79.167
Bridge StaffingTNCFBIN1472.486
BrightMed (Defunct)TNC466.6
Capability HealthcareTNCHHFBGD1491.4
Cardinal Nursing Healthcare Staffing (Defunct)TNC195
Cariant Health PartnersTNCFBIN2094.855
Century HealthTNCFBGD2887.171
Chesapeake Medical StaffingTNCFBINGD3890.316
Clinical One (now Randstad below)TNC1762.2
Clinical Staffing ServicesHHFB691.667
Club StaffingTNCHHFBINGD8777.915
Coastal Healthcare ResourcesTNCFBINGD11100
Concentric Healthcare StaffingTNCFBINGD4571.387
ConTemporary Nursing SolutionsTNCFBIN2789.867
Continental NursesTNC463.2
Continuum Medical Staffing AgencyTNCFBIN673.167
convergence medical staffingTNCHHFBTNBINGD7790.416
Core Medical GroupTNCHHFBTNBINGD21680.699
Corratel HealthcareTNC1100
Critical Nursing SolutionsTNCHHFBIN1487.836
Criticore (A division of Elite Medical Staffing)TNCFB532
Cross Country TravCorpsTNCHHFBTNBINGD42873.496
Cure Healthcare StaffingFB0NA
Dakota Travel NurseTNCFBINGD2270.273
Day one staffingTNCIN393.333
Dependable StaffingTNCIN3271.219
DZEEL ClinicalHHFBINGD1484.429
East Coast Staffing SolutionsHHFBIN380
Elite & Genesis Medical StaffingTNCHHFBGD2480.171
Emerald Health ServicesTNCHHFBINGD15783.894
EmPower Nursing & Allied SolutionsTNCFBGD1299.917
Envision Healthcare aka Vista StaffingTNCFBINGD10164.04
Expedient MedstaffTNCFBINGD2595.4
EZ Staffing, Inc.TNCFBINGD693.333
Favorite Healthcare StaffingTNCFBINGD38680.38
Fidelity On CallTNCFB5380.208
Fifty States StaffingTNCFB2780.344
FlexCare Medical StaffingTNCHHFBTNBINGD116591.721
FlexRN in Stafford, VirginiaTNCFBINGD4988.694
Focus StaffingTNCFBIN1560.88
Fortus GroupTNCFBTNBINGD1883.506
Foundation Medical StaffingTNCHHFBTNBINGD4479.411
Fusion Medical StaffingTNCHHFBTNBINGD67793.762
Gifted HealthcareTNCHHFBTNBINGD21389.079
Go Healthcare StaffingTNCFB1694.063
Grape Tree Medical StaffingTNCHHFBIN11487.148
Hamilton Staffing SolutionsTNCFB397
Health One Medical Staffing (changed to Rise, Rise bought by Advanced)TNCHH765
Health Providers ChoiceTNCHHFBTNBINGD10588.998
Health Source GlobalTNCFBIN3964.287
Health SpecialistsTNCHHFBGD2794.422
Healthcare ProsTNCFBINGD3088.137
Healthcare SeekerTNCFB578.96
Healthcare Staffing Network (Defunct)TNC269.5
Healthcare StarzHHFB2100
Health-Force (Defunct)TNC971.8
Healthtrust (you combined AAS and Parallon)TNCHHFBIN46871.705
HorizonNursingServices (Defunct)TNC339.4
Host HealthcareTNCHHFBTNBINGD13992.176
HRN (bought by Accountable)TNC1683
Hudson StaffingTNCFBTNBGD1078.08
Independent HealthcareTNCFBIN692.167
Independent Nurse ContractorsHH160.5
Innovent GlobalTNCHHFBIN2293.636
InSync Consulting ServicesTNCFBGD691.833
Integrated Health CareTNCHHFB3074.65
IPI Travel (bought by Advanced)TNCHH6789.731
Jackson Nurse ProfessionalsTNCHHFBTNBINGD8779.939
KPG HealthcareTNCFBINGD3589.4
Liberty Healthcare ServicesTNCFBIN1388.538
LiquidAgents HealthcareTNCHHFBTNBINGD39790.404
LRS HealthcareTNCHHFBINGD16192.786
MAS Medical StaffingTNCFBINGD12579.19
Maxim HealthcareTNCHHFBINGD122459.745
Med Pro StaffingTNCHHFBIN1679.363
Med Staff (Uncertain. May be sames as MedStaff below)HH1285.5
Medical Doctor AssociatesTNCFBGD11490.482
Medical Express (Merged with Onward, owned by AMN)TNCHH3262.247
Medical One StaffersTNCFBIN1692.563
Medical SolutionsTNCHHFBTNBINGD155485.816
Medical Staffers.comTNC1667.5
Medical Staffing NetworkTNCHHFBINGD84674.803
Medical Staffing OptionsTNCHHFBINGD3780.865
Medical Staffing Solutions LLCTNCHHFBTNBINGD13284.78
Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc.TNCHHFBTNBINGD16292.527
Mediscan Staffing ServicesTNCFBINGD9379.785
Medpartners HIM (same as MedPartners)TNCFBINGD5379.264
Medsource TravelersTNCHHFBTNBGD2291.345
Medstaff Healthcare SolututionsTNCHHFBTNB6866.676
Meridian Medical StaffingTNCHHFBINGD3369.927
MGA HealthcareTNCFBINGD16172.081
Millenia Medical StaffingTNCFBINGD2571.86
Mountain Vista Medical Center Nurse RecruiterTNC161
National Healthcare StaffingTNCHHFB972.4
National Nurses Plus (Defunct)TNC298
Nationwide NursesTNCHHFB2486.683
New DirectionsTNCFBIN1287.833
Next Travel NursingTNCFBTNB4592.373
Novapro (Defunct – was division of Cross Country)TNCHH1865.75
Nurse2Nurse StaffingFB00
Nurse ChoiceTNCHHFBTNBIN5158.214
Nurse ConnectionTNCINGD856.75
Nurse FindersTNCHHTNBINGD31980.727
Nurses First StaffingTNCFBGD1495.214
Nurses in Partnership (Defunct)TNC752.3
Nurses RxTNCFBINGD7373.555
O’Grady PeytonTNCFBINGD1878.556
On Assignment (Bought by Medical Solutions)HH1172.5
Onestaff MedicalTNCHHFBTNBINGD12786.529
Onward HealthcareTNCHHFBTNBINGD26670.631
Optimal Medical StaffingHHIN1077.9
OR Nurses, IncTNCHHFBGD5495.065
Parallon (Formerly All About Staffing, Currently Healthtrust)TNC1453.2
Patient Ready Clinicians, LLCTNCFBGD384
Platinum Select StaffingHH197.5
Power PersonnelTNCFBINGD2871
PPR Travel NursingTNCHHFBTNBINGD23885.986
Preferred HealthcareHHFBINGD3676.042
Premier Healthcare ProfessionalsTNCHHFBTNBIN10880.183
Premier Medical Associates Inc. (defunct)TNC188
Prime Staffing NYCHHIN GD957.778
Prime Time HealthcareTNCHHFBTNBIN GD9086.033
ProCare OneTNCFBINGD3580.269
Procare USATNCFBINGD682.833
Professional Nursing ServiceTNCFBIN1384.231
Professional Nursing Staffing (Uncertain)TNC324.9
Progressive Nursing Staffers in Springfield, VirginiaTNCFBINGD3385.212
ProLink HealthcareTNCHHFBINGD13784.593
ProMed StaffingHHFBINGD980.889
Protocol Executive StaffingTNCFB333.2
Providence healthcare staffingTNCHHFB394.667
Pulse Clinical AllianceFB00
Qshift (Defunct)TNC1262.3
Quest Group (See The Quest Group below)HH
Quik Travel StaffingTNCFBINGD2479.325
Randstad Healthcare (former known as Clinical One)TNCHHFBTNB5185.506
Rapid TempsTNCHHFBTNBINGD4469.323
RCM HealthcareTNCFBTNBINGD5885.828
Republic (Uncertain. May be same as Republic Health Reaources below)TNC190
Republic Health ResourcesTNCFBINGD13190.035
Response 1 medical staffingTNCHHFBTNBGD2095.33
Rich Healthcare (RHS) (Defunct)TNC360
Richards Healthcare (Defunct)TNC763.7
Rise Medical Staffing (Bought by Advanced)TNCHH10081.56
RN Demand (owned by AMN)TNCHH1367.623
Robinson Medical Resource Group (bought by Gifted)TNC585.6
RTG MedicalTNCHHFBIN9979.574
Sagent Healthstaff (bought by Accountable)TNCHHGD2884.861
Skyline Med StaffTNCFB398.667
Soliant Health CareTNCHHFBTNBINGD31378.003
Source One Healthcare Professionals (bought by OR Nurses Nationwide)TNC1068.3
Southwest SWAT NursesTNCFB197
Springboard HealthcareTNCHHFBGD4278.148
Stability HealthCareTNCFBIN877.5
Staff Care (owned by AMN)TNCFBINGD6755.657
Staff Quest (Uncertain)HH183.5
Staffing Medical USATNCHHFBIN1264.517
Star NursingTNCFBGD776.857
Stat Staff ProfessionalsTNCHHFB2897.261
Strategic Healthcare StaffingTNCHHFBINGD1559.633
Sunbelt StaffingTNCHHFBINGD16980.166
Supplemental HealthcareTNCHHFBTNBINGD61066.816
Surgical Staffing Incorporated (SSI)TNC1486.5
Tailored Healthcare StaffingTNCHHFBTNBINGD29189.925
Team Staff RX (Defunct)HH187
TechGroup Inc. (Defunct)TNC197
The Quest GroupTNCHHFBINGD23193.564
The Right SolutionsTNCHHFBTNBGD32088.391
Titan MedicalTNCHHFBTNBINGD13364.577
Total MedicalTNCFBINGD2676.408
TotalMed StaffingTNCHHFBTNBINGD37989.352
Travel ForceTNCFBIN3076.533
Travel Nurse Across AmericaTNCHHFBTNBINGD50585.662
Travel Nurse Solutions (Boughbt by Jackson Nurse Professionals)TNC1082.9
Travmed USATNCFBGD1190.2
Triage StaffingTNCHHFBTNBINGD31694.983
United Staffing Solutions (USSI)TNCHHFBGD13692.406
US Nursing CorpHH380
Valley Healthcare Systems IncTNCFBGD16583.663
Vista Staffing aka Envision HealthcareTNCFBGD8562.918
Voyage HealthcareTNCHHFBTNBGD3180.161
Wapiti Medical StaffingTNCFBGD780
WellSpring Nurse SourceFB55
White Glove CareHHFBTNBINGD13684.154
WORLD HEALTH (defunct)TNC1457.3
Worldwide Travel StaffingTNCHHFBINGD4761.723

We hope you found this list useful and we hope it saves some time for you! As always, we welcome your feedback and questions in the comments section below!

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