Travel Nurse Housing

Everything travel nurses need to know about travel nursing company provided housing and obtaining their own travel nurse housing.

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6 Niche Options To Post and Find Travel Nurse Housing

We routinely receive inquiries from property owners interested in renting to travel nurses. And why not?! Travel nurses are excellent tenants. Meanwhile, travel nurses are always looking to secure the perfect housing option. And why not?! Getting a great deal on housing can help the traveler save money while offering all the amenities they need. So in this blog post, we’ll discuss 6 niche options to post and find travel nurse housing. We’ll also provide some insight on the travel nurse housing market for property owners. Read more

Using airbnb, HomeAway & tripadvisor for Travel Nurse Housing

There are tons of options to explore for travel nurses who have decided to secure their own housing. We’ve offered a general overview of travel nurse housing options in a previous blog post. In this blog post, we’ll take a detailed look at the popular vacation rental sites with a travel nursing perspective. Read more

Travel Nurse Housing – Tips for Securing Your Own Lodging

Many travel nurses, especially first timers, shy away from securing their own housing and opt for travel nursing company provided housing instead. However, there are many advantages to securing your own lodging. As we previously discussed, in many cases you’ll pocket some extra cash. You’re also guaranteed to be involved in the decision making process and get to see your potential accommodations in advance, albeit in pictures most likely.

Perhaps the most important advantage is increased flexibility. Agencies typically provide only the most basic options, apartments and hotels. They don’t want to take chances on anything else. When travelers secure their own housing, then they can elect to go with any option available, and there are so many options available these days.

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Travel Nurse Housing – Company Provided Apartments and Hospital Provided Lodging

In our last blog post we described the advantages of taking travel nursing company provided housing and offered some tips to consider when accepting a travel nursing company provided Motel/Hotel/Extended Stay. In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips for dealing with company provided apartments and offer some basic information on hospital provided lodging.

Tips for Travel Nursing Company Provided Apartments

My experience indicates that many first time travel nurses tend to believe that taking a company provided apartment is a matter of simply agreeing to take a 1 bedroom apartment, no questions asked. However, the apartment can be more complicated than the Motel/Hotel/Extended Stay. Apartments come in all grades, shapes and sizes. Both agencies and apartment properties offer varying amenities. Therefore, you should always inquire for specifics. Below is a list of items for consideration:

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Travel Nurse Housing – Advantages and Tips for Company Provided Housing

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the advantages of taking travel nursing company provided housing as well as some tips on taking travel nursing company provided hotels, motels, or Extended Stays.

Advantages to Travel Nursing Company Provided Housing for Travel Nurses

Taking company provided housing has several advantages. I believe that the biggest advantage is also one of the more unknown advantages; it shields you from risk, especially when it comes to apartments. Securing an apartment will typically require the signing of a lease and the payment of a deposit. Even if a lease isn’t involved, the apartment will most likely require a 30 day notice for moving out. If the contract gets cancelled at any time, whoever signed the lease is responsible for any remaining costs. This means that if you secure your own lodging and the contract is cancelled for any reason, then you’re on the hook for all of the apartment costs. On the flip-side, if the lodging is in the agency’s name, then they’re responsible for the lodging costs in the event that the contract is cancelled. Read more

Travel Nurse Housing – Deciding to Take Agency Lodging or The Lodging Stipend

In our last blog post, we offered some basic considerations to help travel nurses with their housing decision-making process and provided a few examples. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the reasons that we believe weighing your options with smaller travel nursing agencies is always best, while taking company provided lodging from larger agencies is typically for the best. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios to see how this plays out. Read more

Travel Nurse Housing – Some Primary Considerations

In every travel nursing survey that I’ve seen, housing is cited by the largest percentage of respondents as being the single most important component of the travel nursing pay package. For travel nurses who take company provided housing it’s understandable why this is the case. I have heard some travel nurse housing horror stories. From housing located in unsafe neighborhoods, to housing with bed bugs and mold, I’ve heard it all. There’s nothing worse than traveling 1500 miles to find lodging accommodations akin to those in the slums of Kabul, Afghanistan. At the same time, travel nurses are often set up in some of the finest digs in town. However, before you even get to that point, you have to make a decision as to whether you’re going to take company provided housing or take the lodging stipend and secure your own housing.

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