Travel Nursing Salary and Pay

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Travel Nursing Pay Quote Wrong

5 Reasons Travel Nursing Pay Quotes Can Be Wrong

Pay is among the most important variables that travel nurses must consider when determining whether or not to accept an assignment. In fact, travel nursing pay quotes are routinely requested and provided prior to the traveler being submitted for consideration to an open assignment. Unfortunately, these quotes end up being wrong more often than both recruiters and travelers would like. In this blog post, we’ll provide some background and offer 5 reasons that these mistakes occur. Read more

Declining travel nursing pay

5 Factors that Depress Travel Nursing Pay Rates

It’s no secret that travel nursing pay rates have been largely stagnant since 2009. In fact, some might argue that they’ve even decreased. It’s easy to blame the struggling economy as the sole culprit. And while it’s certainly clear that The Great Recession has been the primary driver behind stagnant pay rates for travel nurses, there are several non-related factors that may be serving to depress wages. We’ll take a close look at 5 such factors in this blog post. Read more

Highest paying travel nursing company

Is There a Highest Paying Travel Nursing Agency?

With hundreds of agencies operating throughout the United States, many travel nurses wonder if there is a highest paying travel nursing agency. After all, great pay is one of the many advantages that agencies tout about their services. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to definitively determine THE highest paying agency. However, understanding the issues pertinent to this question can help you find agencies that pay good rates. Read more

Travel Nurse Housing Stipend

Everything You Need to Know About the Travel Nurse Housing Stipend

The travel nurse housing stipend is one of the largest components of the travel nursing pay package. But understanding exactly how the housing stipend works can be difficult. This is because different agencies handle housing stipends in different ways which leads to different explanations when talking to recruiters. You’ll also find different explanations from travelers who participate in social media groups and message boards dedicated to travel healthcare. In this blog post, we’ll provide detailed information about housing stipends to help you attain a full understanding of this pay package variable. Read more

What is the Annual Salary for a Travel Nurse?

Estimating the expected annual salary for a travel nurse is a tricky task. There are many variables and unique scenarios to consider. Unfortunately, there is a lot of biased, vague and misleading information about this subject on the internet, much of which sits conveniently atop the search results on Goggle and Bing. In this blog post, we’ll provide some considerations for travelers so they can be better prepared to estimate their expected annual income. Read more

Common Travel Nurse Pay Mistakes Image

Avoid These Mistakes When Evaluating Travel Nursing Pay

Travel nursing pay packages can be daunting. They have more variables than permanent pay packages and different agencies pitch their pay packages in different ways. The complexities make for a lot potential pitfalls. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most common mistakes when evaluating pay and how to avoid them. Read more

Travel Nursing Pay – Choosing Between Guaranteed Hours or a Higher Rate

We recently communicated with a travel nurse whose agency offered her a choice between guaranteed hours or a higher pay rate. This choice had her, and many other travel nurses, perplexed. In fact, it even had many experienced recruiters perplexed. After all, guaranteed hours is a straightforward concept, isn’t it? Actually, in recent years the issue has become a bit more complex. In this blog post, we’ll provide some background on the topic and examine this choice between guaranteed hours or a higher rate. Read more