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Travel Nurse Versus Perm Staff Recruiting

5 Differences Between Travel Nurse Recruiting and Permanent Staff Recruiting

Recruiting is a cornerstone of the travel nursing industry. It’s also a big part of staffing permanent nursing jobs. However, while both are engaged in recruiting healthcare professionals, they couldn’t be more different. Some of the differences are obvious and some are subtle or even hidden. Either way, all the differences have an impact on travel nurses. So in this article, we’ll take a look at 5 differences between recruiting for permanent staff jobs and recruiting for travel nursing jobs. Read more

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15 Ways Travel Nurses Compromise the Trust of Recruiters

We recently wrote an article titled 14 Ways That Recruiters Betray The Trust Of Travel Nurses. We received a lot of great feedback on the article including many requests for an article on how travel nurses compromise the trust of their recruiters. Surprisingly, these requests came primarily from travel nurses who pointed out that trust is a two-way street. So in this blog post, we’ll discuss 15 ways that travel nurses compromise the trust of recruiters. Read more

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4 Reasons Travel Nurses Dislike Phone Calls and 6 Reasons Recruiters Love Them

If you’re a travel nurse, then you’ve probably noticed that travel nursing recruiters like to use the phone, A LOT! Recruiters use the phone so much, that it has an understandable tendency to leave many travel nurses frustrated. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some specific reasons that calls frustrate travel nurses as well as the reasons that recruiters utilize the phone so much. Read more

Travel Nurse Recruiter Trust

14 Ways Recruiters Betray the Trust of Travel Nurses

It’s no secret that the relationships between travel nurses and the recruiters they work with are very important to travel nurses. And like all relationships, trust serves as one of the key foundations. Unfortunately, the dynamics of these relationships present many scenarios in which trust can ultimately be compromised. In this blog post we’ll cover 14 ways that a travel nurse’s trust for a recruiter can be compromised and provide tips for avoiding these pitfalls and mending relationships. Read more

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Travel Nurse Survey Sends Message to Agencies

BluePipes recently conducted a survey of travel nurses on a wide range of topics including why they’ve chosen to engage in travel nursing, what’s important to them when choosing agencies to work with, and why they choose to extend on travel nursing assignments. The results of the survey include several details that convey actionable opportunities for healthcare staffing agencies interested in improving their recruitment results and retention rates. The results also include some key items for travel nurses to consider regarding the management of their travel nursing careers. Read more

Travel Nurse Recruiting Services

7 Services Travel Nursing Recruiters Provide

Travel nursing recruiters balance their time between recruiting new clients and servicing their existing clients. In our last blog post, we described the tasks typically involved in the travel nurse recruitment process and how those tasks are used to measure a recruiter’s job performance. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the service aspect of travel nurse recruiting. Here again, knowing what’s going on behind the scenes can be very beneficial for travel nurses. Read more

Travel Nurse Recruiter Job

What You Should Know about Your Travel Nursing Recruiter’s Job

Recruiters are a pivotal part of every travel nurse’s career. Recruiters are travelers’ primary interface with specific agencies and the job market in general. In fact, you’ll find many travel nurses who claim that recruiters are the single most important external component of their careers. This is why experienced travel nurses are always on the hunt for the best travel nursing recruiters. However, the recruiter’s day-to-day job duties and requirements remain a mystery to most. Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes can be very useful for travel nurses. Read more