Travel Nursing Job Tips and Information

Everything travel nurses need to know about travel nursing jobs, including how to find them and what to expect while working them.

Tips for Your Travel Nursing Job Interview

The most important thing to know about the travel nursing job interview is that it’s your time to find out everything you possibly can about the hospital, the unit, and the expectations they have. Even if your recruiter has given you answers to certain questions you had about these subjects, you should still address all your questions during the interview. This is because, given the fluid nature of the travel nursing job market and the various managed vendor relationship models, it’s very difficult, and sometimes impossible, for  recruiters to get timely and accurate answers to questions you may have about the hospital, the unit, and various policies that may be important to you. Read more

Securing a Travel Nursing Job : What Happens When Your Profile is Submitted?

There are two common methods for submitting a candidate’s submission profile to a hospital for a travel nursing job. These methods are driven by the type of relationship that the agency has with hospital in question. Remember, the two main relationship types are direct relationships and Vendor Management System relationships. Each method is going to play out in different ways for the travel nurse, but the ultimate goal is to land a travel nursing interview.

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Securing a Travel Nursing Job : Giving the Green Light for Submission

Considerations and Strategies for Being Submitted for Travel Nursing Jobs

Once your travel nursing submission profile is complete, it’s time to start having it submitted for open jobs. There are several ways that both travel nurses and companies can approach this step in the process. Therefore, it’s easiest for us to take a look at some common scenarios in order to clarify the issues at play.. Read more

Tips for Managing Travel Nursing References

References are the third and final component of the standard submission profile required to be considered for a travel nursing job. Again, it’s possible that certain hospitals require more, but the vast majority of hospitals will require a job application, skills checklist, and references. Together, these items make up a travel nurse’s submission profile. As a result, maintaining your references is extremely important. It’s also important for seeking permanent nursing jobs so these tips will come in handy during your permanent job searches as well. Read more

Securing a Travel Nursing Job – Your Submission Profile Part 2: The Skills Checklist

What is a Travel Nursing Skills Checklist

A skills checklist is a self assessment tool designed to give hiring managers and travel nursing agencies a solid understanding of a candidate’s experience within a specific nursing specialty. Skills checklists can be formatted differently, but they are all quite similar. They typically ask candidates to rate their level of experience with various processes, procedures, and equipment that are commonly utilized within the unit or specialty in question.

Some skills checklists also ask the candidate to signify the amount of recent experience they’ve had with the various processes, procedures, and equipment. For example, they may ask the candidate to rate the amount of exposure they’ve had within the last 2 years. Along with a travel nursing job application and references, skills checklists have become a standard requirement for travel  nursing assignment consideration. All together, these 3 items comprise what is known in the industry as your “Submission Profile.” Read more

Securing a Travel Nursing Assignment – Your Submission Profile Part 1: The Application

Travel Nursing Submission Profile

Once you have determined which travel nursing cmpaines that you’re going to work with, you’ll almost certainly be requested to complete each agency’s on-line employment application as well as their skills checklists for the specialties that you’re qualified for. There’s a very good reason for this. The vast majority of hospitals that utilize travel nurses have a minimum set of items that they require companies to submit in order to even consider a candidate for a travel nursing job. As the industry has matured, these requirements have become pretty much uniform throughout the country. It is standard for hospitals to require an Application, Skills Checklist, and 2 recent references in order to even consider the candidate for open jobs. These items constitute the candidate’s “Submission Profile.” In this series, we’ll discuss the importance of each item and offer tips and tricks to deal with them efficiently and successfully. Read more

Is Travel Nursing Right for You – Advantages and Disadvantages, Qualifications and Expectations

Advantages of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can be very rewarding for those who are up for it. You’ll have the opportunity to travel and immerse yourself in some great cities and towns throughout the country. You’ll meet great people and be exposed to new cultural experiences. You’ll gain valuable work experience that would most likely take you years to gain if you were to work in any one location. You’ll be able to take more time off throughout the year should you choose to do so. You can use travel nursing to quickly depart from a bad permanent working situation. You can use it to visit remote friends and family for extended periods. You can use it to test out new potential employers to see first hand if they may be a fit for you as a permanent member of their team. Read more