Travel Nursing Companies and Agencies

Everything travel nurses need to know about travel nursing companies including how to find the best, how they operate, contract availability and more.

Travel Nursing Companies – Their relationships with hospitals matter, Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed how a travel nursing company’s “Direct Relationship” with a facility works and its potential ramifications for the travel nurse. In this post, we’ll discuss the “Vendor Management Service” relationship and the potential ramifications. Read more

Travel Nursing Companies – Their relationships with hospitals matter, Part 1

It’s useful for travel nurses to be informed about hospital-agency relationships. Remember, a travel nursing company can only work with a hospital if it has a contract to do so. These contracts exist under several different arrangements. Each arrangement results in different outcomes for the hospital, the agency, and the travel nurse. There are essentially two relationship categories, Direct Relationships and Vendor Management Service relationships. Read more

Travel Nursing Companies – Does size matter for the Travel Nurse?

In our previous post, we discussed how to differentiate travel nursing companies by their size. In this post, we’re going to discuss how the size of a travel nursing company can potentially affect the service travel nurses receive from them. Read more

Why Travel Nursing Company Size Matters for Travel Nurses

Understanding Travel Nursing Companies

There are hundreds travel nursing companies and there are over a thousand healthcare staffing companies engaged in PRN, Locum Tenens, travel nursing, and travel allied combined. In a general sense, they all operate the same exact way. They have contracts with hospitals. They send their healthcare staff to the hospitals. They bill the hospitals for their staff’s time. They keep a cut of the money they collect and they pay their staff the difference. However, there are differences between agencies that can have an impact on travel nurses. In this post, we’ll describe our preferred method for categorizing agencies.

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Travel Nursing Company – Hospital Contracts

A travel nursing company must have a contract with a facility in order to send travel nurses to work there. Contract provisions differ from contract to contract. However, it is standard for the contracts to contain a common set of provisions. These provisions include things like the bill rate, solicitation clauses, liability insurance requirements, contract termination rules, shift guarantee and cancellation policies, compliance and record management policies, billing and collection policies, and a host of others. Some of these provisions have a direct impact on the travel nurse.

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The Services Travel Nursing Companies Provide to Healthcare Employers

Travel nursing companies are at the center of the healthcare staffing industry. They act as the “middle men” between the healthcare provider and the travel nurse. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of healthcare staffing agencies that are engaged in travel nursing contracts or PRN in the United States. Unlike “middle men” in many other industries, travel nursing companies provide an invaluable service that cannot be easily removed. There are some hospitals that attempt to cut out the middle man but such examples are few and far between, and typically require a unique set of circumstances. Read more

Tips for Evaluating Travel Nursing Companies

Registered Nurses receive regular calls from travel nursing companies seeking candidates for their jobs. When a nurse is interested, asking the recruiter the right questions is very important. Today we’ll discuss some of the right and wrong questions to ask a recruiter when seeking information about travel nursing.. Read more