Travel Nursing Companies and Agencies

Everything travel nurses need to know about travel nursing companies including how to find the best, how they operate, contract availability and more.

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Top 11 Factors To Consider When Choosing Travel Nursing Companies

Choosing travel nursing companies to work with can be difficult. Ideally, you would work with every company in order to land the best deal in the best location. But with hundreds of companies in business, that’s just not possible. So, here are the top 11 factors to consider when choosing travel nursing companies to work with. Read more

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7 Tips For Travel Nurses To Stop Unwanted Telephone Calls

Many travel nurses understandably complain that they receive too many telephone calls from travel nursing companies. There are two distinct problems, receiving unwanted calls and receiving calls at the wrong time. In this blog post, we’ll take a close look at these issues from the agency perspective and provide 7 tips to help travel nurses avoid the unwanted telephone calls and manage the rest. Read more

Best Travel Nursing Companies 2015

The Best Travel Nursing Companies – 2015

Whether you’re a newcomer to travel nursing or a seasoned veteran, finding the best travel nursing companies to work with is important. Travel nurses count on their agencies to deliver on a broad set of crucial services so wanting to find the best is understandable. The problem is that there is a lot of disparate information on the topic. So in this blog post, we’ll dissect the 2015 “Top Travel Nurse Company” lists from the two most prominent travel nursing rating services. Read more

Travel Nursing Agency Medical Records

Are Travel Nursing Agencies Required to Provide Medical Records?

Maintaining updated medical records is a common requirement for healthcare professionals. Doing so is only a minor burden when a healthcare professional maintains permanent employment. However, travel nurses switch employers much more often than their permanent counterparts and each new employer must obtain a full set of compliance records.

So travelers could potentially duplicate their efforts several times throughout the year. This leads many travel nurses to request copies of their medical records from their travel nursing companies. Some companies comply and others do not, which leaves many travelers wondering if travel nursing agencies are somehow required to provide them with their medical records. We’ll answer this question and address other pertinent issues in this blog post. Read more

Travel Nursing Contract Cancelled Before Start

When a Travel Nursing Contract Gets Cancelled Before Start

Unfortunately, travel nursing contracts can and do get cancelled. While cancellations don’t happen too often, they can be demoralizing when they do. Cancellations happen for any number of reasons and at any period of the process. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the circumstances surrounding one specific cancellation scenario; when a travel nursing contract is cancelled just before it starts. Read more

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What You Ought To Know About Verbal Travel Nursing Contracts

Contracts are one of the cornerstones of travel nursing. But different agencies approach travel nursing contracts in different ways. In fact, it’s even possible that different recruiters within the same agency approach contracts in different ways. Specifically, some agencies and recruiters will consider a contract to be binding with a verbal agreement while other agencies and recruiters will consider the contract binding only if they receive a signed contract. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the issues surrounding verbal travel nursing contracts. Read more

The Best Travel Nursing Companies – 2014

Travel nurses are always on the hunt for the best travel nursing companies. This is understandable given the central role that companies play in a travel nurse’s career. In this blog post we’ll compare the “Top Company” lists compiled by the two most commonly relied upon resources for finding the best companies, Travel Nursing Central (TNC) and Highway HypodermicsRead more