Travel Nursing Companies and Agencies

Everything travel nurses need to know about travel nursing companies including how to find the best, how they operate, contract availability and more.

Travel Nursing Agency Medical Records

Are Travel Nursing Agencies Required to Provide Medical Records?

Maintaining updated medical records is a common requirement for healthcare professionals. Doing so is only a minor burden when a healthcare professional maintains permanent employment. However, travel nurses switch employers much more often than their permanent counterparts and each new employer must obtain a full set of compliance records.

So travelers could potentially duplicate their efforts several times throughout the year. This leads many travel nurses to request copies of their medical records from their travel nursing companies. Some companies comply and others do not, which leaves many travelers wondering if travel nursing agencies are somehow required to provide them with their medical records. We’ll answer this question and address other pertinent issues in this blog post. Read more

Travel Nursing Contract Cancelled Before Start

When a Travel Nursing Contract Gets Cancelled Before Start

Unfortunately, travel nursing contracts can and do get cancelled. While cancellations don’t happen too often, they can be demoralizing when they do. Cancellations happen for any number of reasons and at any period of the process. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the circumstances surrounding one specific cancellation scenario; when a travel nursing contract is cancelled just before it starts. Read more

Verbal Travel Nursing Contracts Image

What You Ought To Know About Verbal Travel Nursing Contracts

Contracts are one of the cornerstones of travel nursing. But different agencies approach travel nursing contracts in different ways. In fact, it’s even possible that different recruiters within the same agency approach contracts in different ways. Specifically, some agencies and recruiters will consider a contract to be binding with a verbal agreement while other agencies and recruiters will consider the contract binding only if they receive a signed contract. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the issues surrounding verbal travel nursing contracts. Read more

The Best Travel Nursing Companies – 2014

Travel nurses are always on the hunt for the best travel nursing companies. This is understandable given the central role that companies play in a travel nurse’s career. In this blog post we’ll compare the “Top Company” lists compiled by the two most commonly relied upon resources for finding the best companies, Travel Nursing Central (TNC) and Highway HypodermicsRead more

Travel Nursing Company Ratings – 2014

In their quest to find the best travel nursing companies, travel nurses regularly look to the main travel nursing company rating websites. And why wouldn’t they? As a culture, we love ratings. And as a travel nurse, you’re entrusting so much more to a travel nursing agency than you would to almost any other service.

But like all ratings, travel nurse company ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. We’ve discussed the issues to consider when utilizing travel nurse agency ratings in a previous blog post, so we won’t rehash them here. With that in mind, we have compiled the ratings from three of the top agency rating websites into one cumulative average. We looked at the ratings from Travel Nursing Central, Highway Hypodermics, and Travel Nursing Blogs, created some super nerdy math formulas, and ran the calculations. The results are below.

Read more

9 Points of Debate Between Travel Nursing Companies over the MSP Model

The debate over Managed Service Providers in travel nursing and healthcare staffing heated up in June of 2013 when opposing sides exchanged barbs on The Staffing Stream. Colleen Mills, a Senior VP for the National Healthcare Staffing Alliance wrote a piece urging small and mid-sized travel nursing companies to “Take a stand on VMS/MSP”. Days later, Bob Livonius, President of Workforce Solutions at AMN Healthcare, took exception and urged healthcare staffing agencies to “Work Together to Embrace Best Practices with MSPs.” This is an important topic with major implications for travel nurses, travel allied professionals, and Locum Tenens.  Read more

When, Why, and How to Determine Travel Nursing Company – Hospital Relationships

We discussed the two main categories of hospital-travel nursing company relationships in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Remember, agencies can have a direct relationship with a hospital whereby their representatives have direct communication with the hospital’s representatives. Or, agencies can go through a middleman commonly referred to as a Vendor Management System whereby every agency that does business with the hospital must go through the same middleman. Or, the hospital can utilize a Managed Service Provider which is a healthcare staffing company that holds an exclusive contract with the hospital and sub-contracts out to other agencies.

The relationship an agency has with a hospital can ultimately affect the traveler. In most cases, a direct relationship is best for the agency and traveler. Again, this is because there are direct lines of communication between the hospital and agency and no chance of a middleman charging fees that could eat into the amount the agency has pay the traveler. Read more