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10 Things To Know About The Projected Nursing Surplus

In 2004, the federal government’s Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) projected a nursing shortage of 808,000 Registered Nurses by the year 2020. In December of 2014, the HRSA projected a surplus of 340,000 Registered Nurses by 2025. Of course, a shift from shortage to surplus would have major implications on the RN employment market. So in this blog post, we’ll take a look at 10 things nurses ought to know about the report projecting a shift from nursing shortage to nursing surplus. Read more

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10 Tips For Your Nursing Job Search

When it comes to searching for new jobs, nurses have the advantage of having a tried and true profession which allows for a focused job search. However, that doesn’t mean the job search is easy. Moreover, there is a lack of actionable information available on how to find a nursing job. So in this blog post, we’re going to provide 10 tips to help nurses maximize their results with job boards and 2 other useful online tools so they can spend more time engaged with other fruitful job search tactics. Read more

Nursing Job Online Applications

8 Things Every Nurse Ought to Know About Online Nursing Job Applications

Nursing job searches have changed dramatically over the last 20 years with the advent of applicant tracking system software designed to simplify the process for employers. However, for nurses, these systems can be difficult to navigate and repellent. While we can’t change the systems, we can provide information that will hopefully make them a little easier to navigate and more approachable. So, here are 8 things that every nurse conducting a job search ought to know about applicant tracking systems. Read more

Nursing Career Advice

8 Nursing Job Search Tips To Avoid And What To Do Instead

Nursing career advice is really easy to find. However, it’s not always good advice. In fact, while conducting research for other topics, we found that sometimes it’s downright horrible. As a result, we are compelled to share 8 bad pieces of advice on nursing job searches and offer our thoughts on what nurses should do instead. Read more

9 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Nursing Resume

9 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Nursing Resume

Writing a great nursing resume is no easy task. Nurses have more to consider than the average professional and general resume tips often don’t apply to nursing. As former nursing recruiters, we reviewed thousands of resumes. In this blog post we’ll share 9 common mistakes we came across and provide specific nursing related recommendations to fix them so you can write an excellent nursing resume. Read more

How To Write a New Grad Nursing Resume

How to Write an Exceptional New-Grad Nursing Resume

Writing a new-grad nursing resume is a daunting task for most new-grads. The fear of having no experience and being unqualified leaves many wondering what details to include. Moreover,  many new-grads wonder how to structure their nursing resume in a way that best conveys their current skill-set and value to prospective employers. As former recruiters, we reviewed thousands of new-grad resumes. In this blog post, we’ll draw on that experience to provide a comprehensive guide to creating an amazing nursing resume for new-grads. Read more

Nursing Students Job Tips

5 Things Nursing Students Must Know About the RN Job Market

If you’re a nursing student, then you have undoubtedly heard that there is a nursing shortage in the United States. In fact, this may have been one of the reasons that you chose to pursue nursing as a career path. Why? Because it’s logical to assume that if there is a shortage, then it should be relatively simple to find a job and, as a career, nursing should be relatively stable.  Unfortunately, as you may or may not already know, the reality is more complex.  In this blog post, we’ll provide 5 details about the RN job market that all nursing students and new grads should know. Read more