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In-depth information on nursing resumes including The Top 10 Details to Include on a Nurse Resume and optimizing your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems.

6 Nursing Resume Considerations for Travel Nurses Transitioning to Permanent

A significant percentage of those who engage in travel nursing will eventually make the transition back to permanent employment. Conveying your travel nursing experience on your nursing resume in a way that both masks the perceivable negatives and capitalizes on the great experience you’ve gained can be challenging. Understanding the issues at play will help you formulate the best possible strategy. Read more

Critical Details for Your Travel Nurse Resume

Your travel nurse resume can possibly play a big role in landing travel nursing jobs, especially the best jobs. Despite the nursing shortage, the competition to land the best jobs is fierce. In today’s market, facilities often receive more than 50 submission profiles within 3 hours of making a job public. It’s not uncommon to see assignments closed for new submissions within an hour of opening. Read more