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Best Practices for Recruiting on BluePipes

Recruiting travel healthcare professionals is a really difficult task. Given the ratio of healthcare professionals to travel healthcare professionals, simply finding a traveler is like finding a needle in a haystack. Once you’ve found them, you still have the difficult task of convincing them you’re the perfect recruiter.

With hundreds of travelers joining BluePipes monthly, we certainly help you find them. But convincing them to work with you is still largely up to you. That said, there are many actions you can take on BluePipes that will improve your results. Let’s take a look at the best practices for recruiting on BluePipes. Read more

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Recruitment Activity Tracking on BluePipes

Healthcare staffing companies need systems for tracking the interaction between recruiters and leads. Tracking interactions is necessary to ensure all leads are contacted at regular intervals. Tracking is also necessary to ensure that recruiters aren’t stepping on each others’ toes during the recruitment process. With that in mind, BluePipes launched a recruitment tracking feature to help companies with Recruitment Subscriptions better manage their recruitment efforts on the website. We’ll review the new recruitment tracking feature in this article. Read more

Recruit Travel Nurses on BluePipes

BluePipes Recruitment Subscriptions

BluePipes is a healthcare professional network. We provide healthcare professionals with powerful career management tools including a resume builder, skills checklists, document management tools and much more. We provide healthcare employers with both free and premium services. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at our premium Recruitment Subscriptions for employers. Read more

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How to Edit Your Free Company Page on BluePipes

As a professional networking service, BluePipes provides employers, including healthcare staffing agencies, with many free services for marketing and engaging with potential candidates. “Company Pages” are one such free feature. Given that BluePipes has over 10,000 members with hundreds joining every month, it’s a definitely worth it to spend some time making your company page look pretty. We’ll cover how to do that in this article. Read more

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10 Free Things Travel Nurses Can Do On BluePipes

BluePipes is a professional networking website designed specifically for healthcare professionals. As such, it’s able to provide unique features that solve many of the problems healthcare professionals face when managing their careers. There are a host of features on BluePipes that are highly beneficial for travel nurses and travel allied professionals. We’ve been contacted by many travelers wanting to find out exactly what the site does, so in this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 things that travelers can do for free on BluePipes. Read more

Free Things Travel Nursing Recruiters Can Do

8 Free Things Travel Nursing Recruiters and Agencies Can Do on BluePipes

BluePipes is a professional networking platform dedicated to the healthcare industry. We provide tons of useful tools to help nurses, physicians and allied professionals manage their careers more effectively and efficiently. Of course, connecting with potential career opportunities is a big part of career management. As such, BluePipes has many features that travel nursing recruiters and healthcare staffing agencies can use for free. We’ll cover them in this blog post. Read more

BluePipes Adds File Cabinet Feature

BluePipes is excited to announce the launch of our new File Cabinet feature.  The BluePipes File Cabinet allows members to upload copies of their vital career related documents and send them out at their convenience. The feature was designed specifically for healthcare professionals to help them manage their careers more efficiently and successfully. Read more