BluePipes Adds File Cabinet Feature

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BluePipes is excited to announce the launch of our new File Cabinet feature.  The BluePipes File Cabinet allows members to upload copies of their vital career related documents and send them out at their convenience. The feature was designed specifically for healthcare professionals to help them manage their careers more efficiently and successfully.

Here is a list of the File Cabinet’s capabilities:


Members receive 100MB of storage space for free and the maximum file size per document is 5MB. All major file types are accepted. Documents can be deleted at any time.

Of course, lots of services let you store documents, but the BluePipes File Cabinet helps you stay organized. You see, we recognize that many healthcare professionals make copies of multiple documents in one file. So we created a cool Contents Manager to help you stay organized.

When uploading a new document, you’ll notice a text box labeled “Contents” (see image below for reference). By typing the name of a document into the Contents text box, the system provides a list of potential matching document types. Select the appropriate document type and your file will be tagged as including the document. You can select multiple documents for any single file.

Healthcare Professional Document Storage

Once the document is uploaded, you can view and edit the document details. This way, you’ll never have to guess what’s included in a document that you uploaded a year ago because you can’t remember what it includes. Simply view the contents and you’ll have your answer!

In the near future, we’ll be adding a feature that allows you to enter the expiration dates of the individual documents included in each file.


Of course, you need a way to share those documents when you’re ready. The File Cabinet allows you to email documents at your convenience. Simply select the documents you want to share, enter the email address(es) you want to share the documents with and click send. The File Cabinet will package everything up and email the documents as instructed.

You can also email your BluePipes Resume, Job Application and Skills Checklists from the File Cabinet. This way, you’re managing all your vital career documents from one central location (see image below for reference).

Healthcare Professional Send Documents

We’ll continue to add functionality to this feature in order to help healthcare professionals easily manage their careers and save time, trouble, and money in the process. We’d love to hear what you think, especially your recommendations for improvements! Log in and check it out!! Not a member? Join today, it’s free and easy.

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