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Travel Nursing Companies – How Many Should You Work With?

I often see travel nurses and recruiters debate whether or not travel nurses should work with multiple agencies. The simple answer is Yes! You should work with several agencies. In my opinion, you should work with at least 3 agencies, more if you intend to travel the country far and wide. In fact, for best results, […]

Finding Travel Nursing Agencies – A Time-Saving Strategy

Determining which travel nursing companies you’re interested in working with as a travel nurse can be extremely time consuming. You need to have a strategy that cuts to the point. In this blog post I’ll lay out a strategy for accomplishing this. The strategy is basic and there are only two steps. First, determine exactly what you want from travel […]

Finding Travel Nursing Companies – Agency Recruitment Practices

We’ve discussed the many methods travel nursing agencies utilize to obtain the contact information of healthcare professionals. Once they have the information, it goes in to a data base where it is put to use by the agency’s recruiters. The recruiter’s primary focus is to find candidates, determine their qualifications, sell them on travel nursing jobs they’re qualified […]